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The history of tank containers and ISO containers
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The history of tank containers and ISO containers

By the middle of the 1960’s, the first cylindrical tank-containers were introduced, using a fixed tank in an ISO frame.
They were designed and constructed according to strict international standards, including rules of transportation of liquids on land and by sea. The ISO tank-container was created for the transportation of all types of liquids, such as food, hazardous, non-hazardous, corrosive, flammable and poisonous.

Transportation in tank-containers eliminates the risk of getting goods from one container to another, that ensures safe and accessible carriage under the price. After unloading, tank-container is delivered to the washing place, where completely cleaned of any residues and prepared for the next loading. The majority of tank containers have external similarity, but hardly differ on materials of the tank and safety fixture, depending on type of cargo. On these differences, it is possible to determine, for which cargo tank-container is intended. Tank-container frame designed for protection of the tank, for convenience loading and unloading cargo and processing operations with standard equipment for all ISO containers. This frame could sustain pressure of the filled in tank, and stacking load of tank containers up to six storeys. Tank-containers, which TIS company offers have many different qualities and advantages over other capacities for carriage goods.

All tank-containers which we supply are produced by famous European companies. If you buy a tank-container in TIS company you have a warranty for 2.5 years. Also, we can offer tank-containers in lease or in rent. Our tank-containers are repaired by qualified professionals. If you need a tank-container — please contact TIS company! Sale of tank-containers — a matter of professional managers of our company who thoroughly know the range and can offer exactly what you need. If you see the announcement in the advertising article пїЅ пїЅsell the tank-containerпїЅ пїЅ and in the signature is coordinates of TIS company, you canпїЅt doubt about the quality of capacity. If you donпїЅt plan to buy capacity, may be you are interested in leasing. «Buy a tank-container» — similar announcements quite often appear in various advertising articles and bulletin boards. You can direct interested persons to TIS company.
Servicing of containers purchased from us are at the highest level. Among others services rendered by our company the cleaning of tank-containers has huge significance. In the operation of the tank-container may fail, but you can contact TIS company, which has its own repair facilities. Production of tank-containers in Europe is very high quality so you can be sure that we tested and sold the tank-container for food or chemical and this tank-container will serve your company for many years.