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Tank container repairs
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Tank container repairs

  • Examination and an estimation of a technical condition, costs of the container and its repair.
  • Repair of any complexity of all types of tanks-containers (containers-tanks) including:
    2,5 year pneumatic test
    5-year-old hydraulic test
    Testing and sealing of heating device
    Testing, tuning, repair and fixture tests
    Replacement of consolidations of fixture and the hatch-manhole
    Measurement of residual thickness of walls of the tank
    Flaw detection of welded seams
    Tank repair
    Frame repair
    Isolation repair
    Restoration of marks and plates
  • Modernisation and installation of the additional equipment:
  • Periodic survey of containers by a classification society or the expert organization
  • Supplies valves and fittings for the construction and repair of tank containers.
  • Any kinds of test containers, tare.
  • All works are conducted under the supervision of leading classification societies or expert the organizations according to requests of the international standards.
  • Repair of containers is made both on base in St.-Petersburg, and on the basis of the enterprises-owners of containers by means of an exit team and mobile repair-test module MRIK.