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Tank container rental

Our tank containers are stored in a depot in Russia (St. Petersburg) and also other countries, ready for immediate dispatch. They can be used for transporting food and chemicals, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Basic specification of our container tanks

Type UN Portable tank (Standard ISО frame)
Capacity 13,000 — 35,000 litres
Max. gross 30,480 — 36,000 kg
Tare 2,700 — 4,700 kg
Tank material Stainless steel 316 AISI
Discharge Top / Bottom
Thermal protection 50 mm
Heating Steam

TIS tank-containers are intended for safe, reliable and concerning inexpensive transportation of a liquid worldwide.

All tank containers of TIS company pass obligatory check on tightness and preparation for safe transportation or storage of any liquids.

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Tank container rental Disadvantage Tank container rental Disadvantage Tank container rental Advantage

1. Above cost barrels, loading-unloading and storage by comparison of volume to the tank container.

2. Disposable use

3. Storage only in a warehouse

1. Fast deterioration of

the chassis

2. Expensive service

3. Necessity of changing tare

1. Transportation by all types of transport

2. Various volume of container

3. Convenience at loading-unloading

4. Reusable

5. Convenient and fast outlet

6. No necessity of changing tare

7. Convenient service

8. Compatibility for transportation of various cargoes


1. Easily damaged

2. Often proceed

1. Absence of a protective frame

1. As much as possible safe design

1. Repeated processing

2. Expensive marks

3. Necessity of the big warehouse for storage

1. There is no possibility in stacking

2. Necessity of the big warehouse for storage

1. Storage is possible on any platforms.

2. Stack up in 6 circles

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