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Tank container sales

TIS offers a wide assortment of tank-containers, directly from a platform, and under the order. All tank containers have training preselling preparation on our unique repair base, including hydro and pneumo-testing, testing the armature of tank-containers and also full colouring. The warranty period for tank containers sold by us is 5 years and for secondhand containers, it’s 3 years.

Managers of «TIS» company are ready to help you in choice of tank-container. They will orient you in a wide spectrum of sold tank containers.

We made all that it was convenient for you to issue tank-container purchase. Cash and the clearing settlement, crediting, leasing (for legal bodies) — you can choose any form approaching you and the payment scheme. Company «TIS» successfully co-operates in the field of leasing of tank containers with leading leasing companies from Saint-Peterburg.


The main parameters of the TIS Tank-Containers

1. Dimensions of frame under standard ISО 20-30 feet

2. Capacity 13,000 to 35,000 liters.

3.Tare from 2700 to 4700 kg.

4. Top and bottom discharge 3-inch drain

5. Minimum thickness stainless steel tanks — 3mm to 6mm.

6. The test pressure of 1.25 to 6 bar.

7. Insulation of 50—100 mm

8. Steam heating


Top and bottom discharge

For high risk, dangerous cargoes, it is forbidden to use a bottom discharge tank, instead a top discharge is required. The top outlet of the tank-container is equipped by a siphon pipe, which is placed inside the tank-container. This siphon pipe is usually closed by one shut-off valve and plug. If work or a replacement is required, this should be co-ordinated with the necessarily competent organisations (Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register and Russian Register) followed by hydraulic tests (the 5-year-old periodic test).

Test pressure and a thickness of the tank

The more dangerously cargo, the thickness and test pressure of the tank-container should be accordingly more. In the international rules of transportation of dangerous cargoes the necessary thickness of the tank is specified in low-carbon (black) steel, translation an equivalent to the other metals using the formula.

Material of the tank and sheeting

The tank-container tank is made of various materials depending on transported cargo, often the tank-container tank make of stainless steel. For some corrosive cargoes in addition use an internal sheeting.

Safety armature

Safety armature on the tank-container can differ depending on cargo type. For the majority of poisonous cargoes under a safety valve the explosive membrane which prevent a leak of harmful steams from the tank-container.


Standard thickness of insulation for tank-container is 50 mm. Insulation allows to keep long temperature of transported cargo, also insulation can carry out thermos function.

Steam heating

For a cargo warming up some tanks-containers are equipped by a steam heating system. Steam heating is possible to use during the transportation and direct at unloading.


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